What is Namada? Namada is an L1 Proof-of-Stake chain with a focus on data protection and a multi-asset shielded pool. While Namada is not a Cosmos SDK chain, it has close ties to that ecosystem and is fully IBC compatible, allowing full interoperability with Cosmos SDK chains.

What is Campfire? Campfire is a community-run testnet for Namada.

What's the purpose of Campfire? Campfire is intended to let you try out the latest Namada release before it comes to mainnet. It's here for developers or validators who want to familiarize themselves with Namada and its operation. It can also be a place for community testing initiatives, bug bounties, or testing WASM governance proposals.

How can I get involved? There's a few ways to be involved with Campfire:

  • You can run a node or validator, to get up to speed before going on mainnet.

  • You can use the public rpc for testing, if you're building something with the Namada SDK

  • You can check the #🏕️-testnet-campfire channel in the Namada Discord to see if there's any ongoing testing initiatives, or even suggest one yourself

  • You can suggest improvements to Campfire itself or these docs in either the Discord channel or the namada-campfire repo

Are there incentives/rewards for running a node on Campfire? Generally speaking, it's a non-incentivized testnet... but from time-to-time there may be small prizes/bounty programs/etc. for stress testing new features or software stability -- for example, the recent 'Housefire' testnet where people were awarded a NAM bounty if they reported a bug that allowed them to halt the chain.

You can check the #🏕️-testnet-campfire channel in the Namada Discord to see if there's anything upcoming!

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